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We are dedicated to promoting Democratic Principles and Values.These values are expressed in the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution and The Democratic Party Platform.  We are dedicated to encouraging participation in the political process, supporting and electing Democratic candidates in Delta County, State and National elections.

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Some hot air from the chairs,

Lately we’ve been hearing from Republicans, media commentators and even a few Democrats the question; “Who are the Democrats?  What do they believe?”  Well we know who we are and we know what we believe.  However, knowing that there are those who do not, we and our fellow Delta Dem’s decided we needed to make that knowledge very public and easy to obtain.  So we created a Tri-fold Handout that explains very clearly who we are and what we believe.  You can see it, download it and print it just below our signatures!  Additionally, next time you see a Delta County Democrat just ask for a copy and we will be proud to share it with you!

Respectfully & in Resistance,

David J. Jacobson/Deb Fisk, Co-Chairs

Delta Dems Trifold_What we believe




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